Bronze Bushing

A Bronze Bushing are Bushings that are common components used in industrial machinery, electric motors and many automobile systems, including differentials, transmissions and engines. They are very efficient and available in various types.

Brass & Bronze Castings

The offered Brass & Bronze Castings are commonly selected due to the exceptional beauty of the metal and its workability. They are typically used in the automotive, aerospace and marine industries for machinery parts, low-speed wear parts and many others.

Bronze Bush Parts

Bronze Bush Parts are extensively used as indispensable components of elevator, agricultural equipment, automotive items and industrial machines. These are also used as integral components of rotor type generator, motor and alternator.

Cast Bronze Bushes

The offered Cast Bronze Bushes are a machined part from usually continuously cast bronze stock. They are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deform. They are available in various types.

Guide Bushing

A Guide Bushing mounts to the router's sub base with a tube that protrudes below. Their uses include cutting dovetails with a jig, lettering, inlay work, even reproducing furniture parts. They are very efficient.

Industrial Bushes

The Industrial Bushes are extensively used in auto, agriculture, hydraulic vehicles, forging machines, construction machines and other related machines. This bush is widely used in engineering industries. They are available in various types.

Sleeve Bushes

We are offering here the Sleeve Bushes are primary element to fix in hub, in order to provide high accuracy of machining for shaft. They operate with sliding motion between the moving surfaces.

Submersible Pump Bushing

Submersible Pump Bushing is very versatile component which can withstand rough and rugged usage, without needing any maintenance. The offered pump bushing is for the water submerged applications. It is very efficient and durable.

Earth Moving Bushing

There are various types of Earth Moving Bushing offered by us is used as an essential part of earth moving equipments like excavators. They are very efficient and made for long term use in various industries.

Metal Casting

High end Metal Casting is offered by us in whom metal shapes are formed by pouring molten metal into a mold cavity, where it is cooled and later extracted from the mold. They are very efficient and accurate.

Gunmetal Valve

The Gunmetal Valve offered by us is resistant to corrosion from steam and salt water, is used to make steam and hydraulic castings, valves, gears, statues, and various small objects, such as buttons.

Gunmetal Casting
The Gunmetal Casting is available in various hardness, tensile strengths and dimensions. It is widely accepted in different industry for its brilliant surface finish. It is a hard casting, made for the rotor applications.

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